How to made all blog post pages indexed by google bot

Already we understand that a blog will have lots of visitors if many pages are indexed by search engines, so that visitors from search engines will be able to find our blog through search engines (like google).

However the constraint is so, not everyone knows how to keep all the pages of his blog can be found by search engine / search engines. Well, if you are experiencing these problems then I suggest you increase the longer quota time to learn SEO.

Gomong about SEO By this time I wanted to share some blogging experience so that all our blog posts pages to be indexed or identified by the search engine / search engines.

Indeed, some time ago I've written about the Upload XML Sitemap to Google Webmaster Blog, but I think the way is not complete if we have not done double submit sitemap to make sure ALL pages of the site / blog indexed so that the search engine Google.

Note the screenshots page Sitemap Google Webmaster blog this:

So, how do I do?

The trick was easy, you please register via the Google Webmaster

If you already have an account with Google Webmaster please Log In there, then head arrangement Sitemap
(Site Configuration - Sitemaps)

Then, if your new blog is registered Google webmaster tools, it will appear as follows:

The next step, look at the picture above, you just click the button Submit a Sitemap to Google webmaster you, and enter the URL of the sitemap below:



Then Submit the URL.

After the sitemap is submitted, proceed with submitting the following URL:


Do the same for the following URL:

If the number of blog posts you have many (more than 500 postings), then also enter the following sitemap:
After all of the URL is entered into Google Sitemaps, wait a while, or just close the Google Webmaster Toolnya and see tomorrow, then usually all the pages of your blog post will be in the index perfectly by Google Bot.

Hopefully these simple ways can help you all in an effort to maximize SEO of your blog, make a contest trus SEO blogs such as Mari and Community In Online Business Opportunity Faceblog and blunt and Family Car Best In Indonesia I hope the tips above can further maximize the results of the Google SERP for the position of the blog you.